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Important Information for other Public Housing Authorities:

WHHA is currently billing any incoming ports until further notice. If you are a public housing authority and would like more information regarding WHHA's portability process, please contact our Portability Case Management team at 863.294.7369 ext. 122 or 121. You may also email: Julia Villegas or Shaurie Mathews  

Information for Housing Choice Voucher Holders Looking to Relocate to Winter Haven or surrounding Polk County areas

If you are interested in porting your Housing Choice Voucher to Winter Haven, you must first contact the public housing authority (PHA) that is administering your voucher to determine if you are eligible. Your PHA must be told we are billing all housing authorities.

If you are found eligible, your PHA will have you sign a voucher and send the appropriate documents by mail, fax, or email to the Winter Housing Authority's Portability Case Management Team. If your documents are complete and we have a contact number, you will be called and given an appointment to review the portability process, fill out paperwork, and get scheduled for a briefing date to receive your WHHA voucher and begin your search for a unit. If WHHA does not have your contact information, you must contact WHHA's Portability Case Management Team at 863.294.7369 ext. 122 or 121 or email Julia Villegas or Shaurie Mathews

For Current Winter Haven Housing Choice Voucher Holders Who Wish to Transfer (OUTSIDE) the Jurisdiction of the Winter Haven Housing Authority.

For Winter Haven Housing Authority voucher holders who wish to transfer or "port," their Section 8 vouchers to a location outside our jurisdiction must first speak with their case manager for further eligibility requirements.